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Error 2-106: Network Location Mismatch Detected! In order to host properly remember to tick the Public check-box for your games when the Windows Firewall "Allow" message comes up.


Note: This message is just a warning that tells you that when the Windows Firewall dialog comes up for your games, you need to tick both checkboxes, because Windows will not automatically do so. Once you understood the message, you can choose not to show the error again.

In Windows 7 Firewall, rules and exceptions are organized into Locations.
The first time that you connect to a network you will be presented with the Network Location choice:

Once you made your choice, every program that runs on the selected network must have the corresponding check-box ticked in order to be able to receive inbound connections.
When you start your game server for the first time, Windows will ask you if you want to allow the game executable through Windows Firewall and on which location.
If your Internet Adapter is set to Private and your Tunngle adapter is set to Public, Windows 7 Firewall will suggest Private.
In this case, if you forget to manually tick the Public check-box you won't be able to host properly over the Tunngle Adapter.


This message is only a warning that reminds you that you need to tick both check-boxes because Windows won't do it for you.
Once you understood the suggestion you can choose not to show it again.


Windows Firewall Network Location Allow
Allow your game in the right network Location